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Happy endings...
You never know when some small sporting event could turn into a
riot. Learn to know signs such as what is happening in your
community,  identify the leader of a mob so you can distance
yourself, and learn how to move aside so you can survive  a riot.
Situational awareness is key. Simply pay attention when you are
in a crowd of people.

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Prepping for rioting
How to handle yourself in a rioting situation

Situational awareness can help you survive a riot.
Riots are nothing more than man’s inhumanity to man and
something you'll obviously want to avoid, but may get caught up
in if you're not careful. A certain euphoria happens sometimes
with people in a riot who ordinarily would respond appropriately
in a crowded situation. The root cause is uncertainty and this
creates turbulence.

How you handle yourself could be a matter of life or death. When
rioting breaks out, injuries are imminent and what follows are
some tips on how to avoid them. Here's how to handle yourself
and survive a rioting crisis with an angry mob...

How to Survive a Riot
Familiarize yourself with the survival psychology rules for how to
handle yourself with an angry mob.

Rioting Survival Rule #1: Maintain Situational
At every juncture as a prepper when you are out and about you
must assess our situation: this is called "situational awareness."
It's being aware of what is happening in your surroundings and in
understanding how this information and the events, along with
your actions could impact the outcome.

As a prepper you should take note of the three kinds of people
during a riot:
  1. Active participants -
  2. Passive participants -
  3. Agitators - agitators can sway through engaging a contagion
    of persuasion. It's very easy to be caught up in this.

The consequences:
Among the many dangers of rioting, including:
  • Kids can become trampled.
  • Families and groups can become separated.

Rioting Survival Rule #2: Have an escape route,
avoid confrontation.
You'll likely have some knowledge upon entering an arena or area
where there is a protest that has gotten a little out of hand.
Before you head out, check the climate on the televsion and
Internet. Turn on your radio while in the car and plan your
journey around the hot zones.

Before a riot strikes you should have an evacuation route in your
  • Look for cross roads. This will give you potentially three
    avenues of escape.
  • If you're at a ball park, choose your seat carefully.
  • Keep your head down and eyes averted while walking to
    safety to carefully avoid confrontation.
  • Walk, don't run.

Rioting Survival Rule #3: Trust your gut.
Rely on your instincts as the situation unfolds. Instincts is
nature's warning call. When you trust your gut, you'll leave the
area before the violence even happens.

Rioting Survival Rule #4. Acknowledge the fear to
yourself, but show a poker face (especially if you
have kids).
It's hard to remain calm when a riot is in your midst: yet that's
the typical advice you'll get from a prepper's column. Before you
can learn to handle yourself in a rioting situation, you'll need to
acknowledge the panic internally. Have a poker face if you have
children, but acknowledge your own fear to yourself and
acknowledge their fears. People gauge their reactions on how a
flight attendant handles any given situation from turbulence to
an unruly passenger, the same is true of your children.

Showing a poker face will give you an edge. Say something like,
"Hey this is a pretty hairy situation and I know you're scared, but
we're preppers and we know how to handle this sort of thing.
Now do exactly what I say." Or simply, "Preppers always have a
plan, we're moving this way!" Then lock arms and go.

  • IMPORTANCE OF AN ARM LOCK: Locking arms will keep
    your bodies close together helping to avoid separation,
    which is especially important if you have kids. An arm lock
    could save your child from being trampled to death! An arm
    lock also provides "strength in numbers" for all members of
    your group. Teach your kids the importance of an arm lock or
    hand lock when camping to help make your body appear
    connected and in unison when confronting wildlife. For the
    same reasons it will make you appear larger and more of a
    threat to with which to contend.

Rioting Survival Rule #5: Respond quickly, react with
What separates survivors from those who don't make it? People
who respond quickly, remain clear in head, focused in their task,
have a distinct advantage in surviving a crisis. The
fight or flight
response kicks in and this intuition could save your life if you
allow yourself to focus your energy decisively and confidently.

  • Walk and don't run, go with the flow, step aside, then
    duck out. Go with the flow calmly, but step aside from the
    population without going in the opposite direction. As with
    an undertow or a volcanic eruption, your aim is to move
    aside and never take it head on or you will exhaust yourself!

  • Move inside, don't take sides! Duck away quietly from the
    confrontation, and don't take sides. You can act aloof, put
    your head down, and duck out into a building for refuge.
    Why inside? Riots often are public street scenes and are not
    confined indoors. Inside is where you will find a safe haven
    if you are away from glass.

Rioting Survival Rule #6: Never underestimate the
Take swift and immediate action never underestimate the danger
of crowds:

  • Watch for projectiles! Guard your head and keep it low to
    avoid, bottles, rocks or other objects people may throw.

  • Look where the crowds are going. Usually rioters head in
    just one direction towards something -- like a mascot at a
    stadium, a particular person or group of people.

  • Move to the side, if you're able, not against the mob or
    toward the object.

Rioting Survival Rule #7: Have a separation plan.
Hopefully you've remembered survival rule #4 which was to lock
arms to stay together, but if members of your family or group
inadvertently separate, you'll need to have plan about what to do
if it happens and you're not together. For adults this could mean
meeting at the hospital, but for kids it might be more
complicated depending on age.

Often times we tell kids to stay put, so we can retrace their
footsteps to find them; however, t may not be physically possible
for a young child to stay put when the force of the crowd is
directing them away. Once your child makes it to safety, he or
she can know to hug a tree. (This is the same principal as in the

Surviving a riot isn't going to be easy...
The day may come when you find yourself caught in a riot after a
concert, sporting event or demonstration with protesters on large
scale and the situation may quickly escalate to pandemonium. At
least now you have a plan if it happens. You have knowledge on
how to handle yourself so that you and your family will pull out
of a riot unscathed.

Whatever the coming days or weeks that may follow, take control
now by having an escape route, maintaining situational
awareness, and learning to understand crowds.

We live in turbulent times...

  • Nov. 9. 2016 -- More than seven cities nationwide took part
    in protesting that turned into rioting in some regions. They
    were protesting the Trump victory and the uncertainty it
    would bring.

  • July 15, 2016 -- The day of rage planned in 37 cities across
    the United States was another example of crowds gone wild.
    The planned protests came as a result of police-involved
    shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. Again, it
    was a protest about uncertainty. Were the officers acting on
    behalf of the law or out of prejudice?

Here is an important video series on how to survive an urban riot:
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