How to Make Rice Water

how to make rice water (and why you'll want to make it)
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Learn how to make rice water and discover the many reasons
why you'll inevitably want to make it again.

Uses of Rice Water

Rice water use #1: Acne treatment.
Rice water can work like an astringent to tighten pores and also
to treat acne inflammation. Just dip a cotton ball into rice water
and allow the magic of rice water to cool the outbreak. After 15
minutes or so, you can rinse with water to remove the starch.
Skin will feel soft afterwards.

Rice water use #2: Detergent.
You can use the power of the enzymes in the rice to help you
cut through oily dishes or countertops. The secret comes from
chef's in Hong Kong who divulge their trick for cleaning oily
surfaces in restaurant kitchens. This is truly amazing! Check it

Rice water use #3: Diarrhea remedy (electrolyte
The most important reason for why you should learn to make
and use rice water is that it's a good home remedy for diarrhea.
The recipe for how to make rice water for diarrhea is at the
bottom of the page.

Rice water is an effective home remedy for nausea, vomiting
and diarrhea to calm an upset stomach. It's a bland and
hydrating broth that's a bit starchy, yet provides soothing relief.
It also provides a negligible amount of vitamins and minerals.

A rice water diarrhea cure? Yes! In case you're thinking that this
is some sort of worthless home remedy, consider the abstract
published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
Institutes of Health. The abstract published in 1981 concludes
that rice water is effective in
treating infantile gastroenteritis.
The study concluded that "Rice water can be tried as a more
practical alternative to oral electrolyte solutions..."

In Bangaladesh, the people soak rice and add salt and sugar as
a natural and effective dietary treatment for diarrhea. Scientists
followed up. Here is the abstract on the clinical trial of home
rice water salt solution for oral rehydration therapy.

Now you have scientific proof of this rice water diarrhea cure!

Rice water use #4: Eczema healer.
Knowing the rice water diarrhea cure is proven, others have
sought to use rice water as a natural healer for skin (and this
goes beyond acne). Eczema, the inflammatory skin condition
also known as atopic dermatitis,

Rice water can provide soothing natural relief for eczema thanks
to the starchy components of the water. You can soothe eczema
by dabbing it onto a cloth, and then to the affected area two or
three times a day. Try also enhancing this eczema healing
power by adding a few drops
myrrh essential oil to your rice

Rice water use #5: Facial tonic for aging skin.
Rinsed rice water is the perfect pH for skin. Washing your face
with the cloudy water is beneficial on so many levels. As a
facial tonic, rice water improves overall complexion, preventing
aging spots and hyper pigmentation, likely because it is high in
antioxidants. It leaves your skins soft.

Rice water use #6: Hair rinse and conditioner.
You may have heard about thickening hair with beer, but rice
water can do the same to keep it strong and healthy as
naturally rice has proteins. Try adding lavender essential oil to
give your rice water a makeover.

Rice water use #7: Soup stock.
Rice-rinsed water can be used as a vegetable stock for your
soup, which is a Korean recipe made with sweet rice, which is
an extremely glutinous rice.

  • This recipe for Korean Seaweed Soup uses rice-rinsed water
    as the base.
  • This Thai soup recipe also uses rice with the cloudy rice

Rice Water use #8: Sunburn wash.
It's also an unusual sunburn soother! Refrigerated rice water
cools the skin to help it recover naturally. Use a sponge to
gently calm the skin.

A note of caution if you use rice water for cosmetic purposes:
please mark your mason jar that it is not food (especially if
you're going to add essential oils, which may not be food grade
and which may be toxic to ingest).

How to make rice water
Rice water is an effective home remedy for upset stomach and
much more. It's really easy to make. Here's how to make rice

Directions for making rice water:
To make rice water, you really just need to rinse rice 2-3 times,
and save the water; however, here is how to make it to help
someone hydrate:

  • Step one: Gather the ingredients:
    1 cup of rice (any kind, except wild rice)
    4 cups of water, preferably purified

  • Step two: Boil purified water (recommend Big Berkey
    Water Filter), then add the rice. Swish it around the pot
    and allow the rice to become cloudy and milky.

  • Step three: Strain rice and serve the broth like tea. Serve
    hot or cold, but it's more soothing to as a hot tea for
    someone who is ill. You're done. It really is that easy.

  • Step four: Store any remaining amount of rice water in a
    mason jar. It will last for up to four days in your

  • Step five: Compost the remaining rice, give it the chickens,
    or add it to your favorite soup. Preppers waste not (even

So there you have it. Making rice water requires two
ingredients: rice and water. The simple process of making rice
water suspends starch from boiled rice until it dissolves in the
water and it's this starchy goodness that can nurse someone
back to health. Think of it next time someone in your family or
group is ill. Think of it also for your skin and hair! There are
many ways to use your rice water.

Happy endings...
Rice water is a diarrhea buster! Using rice water for electrolyte
replacement is perhaps the most important reason to make and
use rice water as a prepper. Remember this important tip next
time someone under your care is battling a leaky gut.

Rice water is also a luxury that every prepper can afford for
cosmetic purposes, too. Put it rice to good use!

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Rice water
Learn how to make rice water (and why to make it)

Make rice water for diarrhea!
The primary reason to make rice water is for relief of diarrhea.
Bland and hydrating as a broth, rice water is a bit starchy and
provides soothing relief for stomach upset whether you drink it
hot or cold. This home remedy for diarrhea is effective and also
provides a negligible amount of vitamins and minerals, which is
beneficial over drinking water alone.

Eight ways to use rice water in prepping!
As an electrolyte replacement, rice water is an effective home
remedy for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea to calm an upset
stomach, which is the primary way preppers will use it, but rice
water is also an effective cosmetic, soup base, and even a
detergent. It's easy to make, and best of all, you make it from
something in abundant supply with preppers: rice!
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