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Potatoes! Food storage ideas for preppers
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Long grain white rice
Augason Farms Bucket of brown rice
Rice in the prepper's pantry
Planning a variety of rice dishes for preparedness

Rice is nice in the prepper's pantry.
Rice is nice and a necessary item for every prepper's pantry.
Together with beans you have a perfect protein, but it's always
much nicer with chicken or beef and your favorite veggies.

The basic survival recipe for a "no fail" rice is simple:
  • Boil two cups of water.
  • Throw in a cup of rice and stir to return to full boil.
  • Turn off the heat and allow the heat of the pot to absorb rice.
  • Don't lift the lid for 20 minutes.
  • When the rice is done, fluff it up.
  • Add butter or season with your favorite meat and veggies.

Rice Food Storage
Make the most of rice in the pantry with the food storage tips

#1: Buy rice in bulk.
Rice is something you should never buy in small quantities if
you're a prepper!

Stock up on your favorite rice from Costco or your favorite bulk
foods store or shop online. Then repackage in food-safe buckets.
For easy retrieval of your rice, get gamma seal lids.

#2: Buy Long Term Food Storage Rice.

  • Long grain brown rice. The Augason Farms brown rice bran
    and germ layers contain more nutrients than white rice,
    making it a naturally healthy choice for your food storage
    supply and everyday use. This rice is nutty and delicous. It
    will stay fluffy after cooking, making it ideal for use in
    salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes. The brown rice is
    contained in a 4-gallon watertight pail including 262 servings
    and 41,920 total calories.

  • Long grain white rice. A classic for preppers is the Augason
    Farms Long grain White rice bucket. You get 28-lbs of rice
    packaged for 30-year shelf life for around $26.14 (if you have
    Prime) and it ships free. Be sure to check our daily deals
    section for more great Augason Farms deals.

Here's how to make

Not used to eating rice?
If you're not used to eating rice, then get start cooking it today.
Not only will you save money for more preps, but your family will
be used to eating it when the stuff hits the fan.

A simple and delicious meal your family will savor is serving rice
with chicken and broccoli. Try these broccoli, chicken and rice

  • Trisha Yearwood's broccoli rice casserole ~ Mind you, this is
    a two or three hour project but worth the fuss, and has easy
    instructions. It takes 45 minutes to shred the chicken
    (mostly you watch a pot of water) and then 40-45 minutes to
    bake. The rest of the job is in the assembling. Even the
    pickiest of kids will enjoy the recipe.

Happy endings...
Rice is nice and is at a nice price for the prepper's pantry.
Stockpile the rice!

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