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PREPPER QUESTION: I'd like to try canning, and recently I heard about dry
canning? What is dry canning?
Dry canning is putting dry goods into containers to preserve them for
long durations keeping them away from pests and preserving the nutrients of the
food. There are four methods for dry canning.

PREPPER QUESTION: How can I get started prepping for free?
Do you have a change jar of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters? There
are two things you can do to get started prepping for free:

1. Save the copper pennies from your coin jar.  
Filter your stash of coins to look for 1909-1982 Lincoln Copper Cents. Wheat
pennies are the easiest to spot. Depending on the day you'll see around a double
return of your money. For example, according to at the time of
publishing this page, "A roll of copper cent(s) has 50 coins and is valued at $1.07
when copper is at $3.2323 / lb and zinc at $1.0230 / lb (exact value is

2. Convert your loose change into preps.
Here's how to convert your loose change in preps. After you've filtered the jar for
the pennies, head to your local COINSTAR machine, which will help you convert
loose change into an Amazon gift certificate. Coinstar will not take a percentage of
your money for the conversion if you select a gift card. Have fun shopping for free!
Best of all, COINSTAR rejects silver, and you may have a few gems of real silver in
your stash of cash! This is happypreppers tested!

PREPPER QUESTION: What's the best firestarter?
The easy answer is a BIC lighter. Below are two quotes to exemplify this

  • According to Mykel Hawke, Captain, U.S Army Special Forces, star of Man,
    Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel, and author of Hawke's Speical Forces
    Survival Handbook (the Portable Guide to Getting out Alive), "Always carry a
    lighter" as it's the easiest way to start a fire.

  • From an anonymous survivor of the Bosnia Civil War. "A generator is good,
    but 1000 BIC lighters are better. A generator will attract attention if there's
    any trouble, but 1000 lighters are compact, cheap and can always be traded."

Even so, there are
15+ firestarters for emergency preparedness to consider.

PREPPER QUESTION: What is a composting toilet?
A composting toilet is self-contained and waterless toilet that uses peat
moss in the base for  composting matter. There is no holding tank and no pump-

PREPPER QUESTION: I want to expand my freeze dried food. I have enough
Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, Granola and egg dishes. Do you have
any other, more interesting suggestions?
: Give these tasty alternatives a try:

  • Legacy Foods. Among the first to take a stand against GMO, Legacy Foods
    also has taken the boredom out of the traditional freeze dried meals. Give
    these new foods a try: Chicken A La King, Cheese and Brocolli Bake and
    enchileda beans and rice.

  • Saratoga Farms: While other freeze dried foods give you the traditional
    blueberries and granola, Saratoga Farms gives your food choices a lift. Try
    their peaches and cream oatmeal or granola with cinnamon apples. Another
    popular Saratoga Farms choice is Bacon Potato Chowder or Oriental Sweet
    and Sour, a vegetarian option with green bell peppers, carrots, onions,
    pineapple, and mushrooms.

  • Gourmet Reserves:  Gourmet Reserves by Alpine Aire Foods, offers a variety
    of beyond the ordinary freeze dried meals. On the savory side is Gourmet
    Reserves Texas BBQ chicken. Then there's a chicken gumbo to awaken your
    senses. Be sure to try their Apple Almond Crisp dessert, which would be tasty
    for breakfast as well

PREPPER QUESTION: The ingredients are the same in the Freeze dried WHOLE
EGGS versus Freeze dried SCRAMBLED EGGS. I don't think there's a difference
(other than the price). The "scrambled eggs" always cost more than the "whole
egg" variety, what's the difference?
The seem the same and yet indeed they are different (it's not just a
marketing ploy). Whole eggs are dried and then powdered and so they reconstitute
with water for use in baking whereas the scrambled variety are cooked into
scrambled eggs and then freeze dried.

  • Whole Powdered Eggs: Use whole powdered eggs primarily for your baking
    needs (breads, muffins, cakes -- you name it) are less expensive than
    scrambled eggs. You can use them for making omelets and scrambled eggs,
    but you'll need to fry them up in a pan and add some oil. Truthfully, they
    wont' be as tasty as the scrambled eggs, because they don't have as much
    yolk. Also, you'll need to reseal powdered whole eggs for your next use, and
    refrigerate them like real eggs.

  • Scrambled eggs: The scrambled eggs are ready to heat when you add hot
    water. You don't fry them in a pan.  As well, the scrambled eggs have more
    egg yolk and are darker in color than the  powdered whole eggs. When you
    open the cans they actually look more like scrambled eggs! That's because
    they've already been scrambled and pre-cooked. You won't need to
    refrigerate your can of scrambled eggs; however, you will need reseal it for
    your next use as you would your other food storage. Don't bake with
    scrambled eggs!

So there you have it: the difference between whole eggs and scrambled freeze
dried is the work done beforehand.

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