Pemmican concentrated food bars

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Learn all about pemmican in the video above. Skip The Lost Ways Book, it
gets a low rating and is outrageously priced at $499!

Ready made pemmican:
While you can make your own pemmican, you may like to first try
the commercially available product. Two good brand are below:

  • Epic bars (made with meat). The EPIC bar is a 100%
    grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature
    intended. It's more like beef jerky. Nutritious Gluten Free,
    Soy Free and Dairy Free. These bars are packed with nutrient
    dense protein for greater satiety. Convenient EPIC Bars are
    perfect for on the go. Whether after working out or when
    hiking, simply pull out an EPIC Bar and fulfill your hunger.
    EPIC Bar is perfectly packaged and packed with nutrients.
    Right is Venison EPIC bars.

  • Pemmican bars (made with nuts). Pemmican bars are
    concentrated food bar with quick energy and no trans fat,
    plus all 8 essential amino acids. Pemmican bars are
    meatless, but have natural ingredients combine to make a
    complete protein. Ingredients of pemmican bars are: Malted
    Corn and Barley, Nonfat Milk, Honey, Wheat Germ, Raisins,
    Soy Flour, Walnuts, Soy Oil, Wheat Bran, Pecans, Grape Juice.

  • Tanka (made with meat). Made from prairie-raised
    buffalo. Based on a traditional Lakota recipe for wasna or
    pemmican, Tanka Bar is 100% natural. More tender and
    moist than beef or bison jerky, Tanka Bar Spicy is the perfect
    food for anyone who's on the go -- outdoor enthusiasts,
    students, busy moms, athletes, and pow-wow dancers.
    Ingredients of Tanka Bar Spicy are buffalo meat, dried
    cranberries (cranberries, sugar); sea salt; black pepper;
    habanero; jalapeno; spice; red pepper; onion; garlic; lactic
    acid starter culture. It's and guaranteed shelf-stable for a

Happy endings...
Pemmican is one of several emergency food rations that
contestants on the gear list for History Channel's Alone television
show. The
History Channel Gear list includes the following
emergency food rations:

    1. 5 lbs of beef jerky (protein)
    2. 5 lbs of dried pulses/legumes/lentils mix (starch and carbs)
    3. 5 lbs of biltong (protein)
    4. 5 lbs of hard tack military biscuits (carbs/sugars)
    5. 5 lbs of chocolate (Simple/complex sugars)
    6. 5 lbs of pemmican (traditional trail food made from fat
    and proteins)
    7. 5 lbs of gorp (raisins, m&m’s and peanuts)
    8. 5 lbs of flour (starch/carbs)
    9. 2 lbs of rice or sugar and 1 lb of salt

In his book,  
Extreme Survival Meat: A Guide for Safe Scavenging,
Pemmican Making, and Roadkill
, pictured right. Author Tamarack
Song has lived on pemmican and has devoted a section of his
book on making pemmican - the most nourishing and long-lasting
survival food.

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Pemmican Survival Food
Concentrated energy bar of the Native Americans

Pemmican is the survival food of Native Americans.
Pemmican is a basic meat and fruit bar made for travelling and
Tank's Meat Bar is made with buffalo and cranberries in
the Native American tradition,
EPIC bars, right, also most
resemble pemmican bars in the Native American spirit. Pemmican
can also include nuts.

As survival food, pemmican is natural consideration for inclusion
in the go bags and prepper's pantry
, but you may wonder what
Pemmican tastes like,
and what makes it so great for preppers?
Pemmican is a survival food of native Americans because it's
shelf-stable and is packed with protein.
It does have an acquired
taste. Below is more about pemmican as survival food...

Pemmican Survival Food
Consider enhancing your bugout bag and get home bag with
pemmican bars, so you'll have a sustaining source of energy for
getting out of Dodge or getting back home. Pemmican is good to
have on hand for long-term food storage as well.

You may like to first taste a pemmican bar to see if you like it
before making it yourself. The Bison Bacon bar delivers a
substantial serving of 100% grass fed and organic buffalo,
brilliantly combined with humanely certified uncured bacon.
Tender bison, savory bacon, and tart cranberries combine to
create an epic tasting bar unlike anything you've ever
Fruit and nut pemmican bars are also available.

What is pemmican?
Pemmican is a dense super survival food of the Native Americans
that helped sustain them to survive harsh winters or avoid
famine. This concentrated energy bar is usually a mixture of
energy sustaining fat and protein, such as dried meat or nuts,
plus dried fruit for flavoring. Not only is pemmican energy
sustaining, but by design also a very shelf-stable food, which is
why preppers are taking note to stock pemmican in their preps or
even to learn how to make it.

  • Fats: Traditionally rendered from an animal source, such as
    fish oil or beef tallow. (Beef tallow is also good in soups,
    stews, gravies, meat dishes, pasta, rice, vegetables,
    hamburgers, tacos, fried foods, eggs, biscuits or in your own
    favorite dishes and you can simmer, sauté and fry.)

  • Proteins: Nuts, or dried meats, such beef, bison, caribou,
    venison and sometimes also fish.

Native Americans shared their recipe and it became an important
part of the fur trade. Trappers across the United States and
Canada ate pemmican, as did explorers in the Arctic and Antarctic
(and it was also fed to sled dogs).

How to make pemmican
To make pemmican is fairly easy once you have selected the
ingredients. If you're making pemmican totally from scratch you'll
need to first dry your meat (beef jerky) and render your fat. You'll
need a one to one ratio of rendered fat to dried meat with dried
fruit to garnish.

Traditionally, the Native Americans dried their meat for weeks
and when it was dry they would crush into a powder and mix the
powder into the fat.

Learn to make pemmican from scratch using a modern twist on
the traditional method...
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