How to make a shotgun sling

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Above, Dan from Rock Paracord provides a 24-minute tutorial for how to
make a double cobra-weave shotgun sling.

Gather your materials.

To make a 40-inch paracord sling you'll need:

  • Paracord. You'll need two colors of paracord. One will be an
    inside color for which you'll need not as much cord. The other
    will be an outside color.

  • Inside cord: measure approximately 42-feet of cord. (8
    lengths). Center is O.D. green.

  • Outside cord: measure two cords that are 26 feet (five
    lengths). Woodland camo.

  • Pair of quick detatchable super swivels. Uncle Mike's Quick
    Detachable Super Swivels fit Marlin, Remington, Winchester
    and other rifles that already have swivel studs installed.
    Pictured right, these are great for making a paracord sling.

  • Measuring tape. The measuring tape will help you with how
    many links.

Rock Paracord has a nice channel on Youtube, such as how to
make a dragon's tongue watchband, a monkey's fist, a dog collar
and more. He's been making videos for more than seven years on
paracord. Enjoy!

Happy endings...
Making your own paracord sling is satisfying. What will you make

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Paracord sling.
How to make a paracord rifle sling.

How to make a paracord sling.
Paracord is an extremely durable and useful material that's good
to have on hand for a variety of prepping projects. Make a rifle
sling from scratch with paracord, here's how...

How to make a paracord sling!
Make a simple rifle sling from paracord.

Below, Rock Paracord shares how to make a double cobra weave
shot gun sling...
Pair of quick detatchable super swivels.
Woodland Camo Paracord
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How to make a paracord rifle sling