how to hide stuff in plain sight

How to hide stuff in plain sight
Crafty ways for hiding food, supplies and valuables

Preppers are a crafty bunch - they hide stuff in plain sight!
If you're new to prepping or just want to get more creative ideas
on where to hide stuff in plain sight, then keep reading. Hiding
stuff for prepping is fun!

Keep your valuables out of sight whether it's stuff you want to
hide from the babysitter, house sitter, the plumber or other
repairman, the dog walker, your kids teenage friends, or looters.
No one needs to know you prep when you are creative and hide
your wares in plain sight.

How to hide stuff in plain sight...

The video above shows you how to hide your stuff in plain site, LED lights,
tennis balls -- you name it. You're limited only by your creativity!

The video above shows you five places to hide your wares and
how to do it:
  1. LED candles. Tool around and you can turn an LED candle
    into a diversion safe. Watch the video above and find out
    how to do it.
  2. Tennis balls. Slice them open and you'll find plenty of
    room. The video above shows how.
  3. Chapstick container. Remove the Chapstick or your
    favorite lipbalm and replace the contents with dollar bills.
    Dollars won't really be worth anything when SHTF, but it
    works well to illustrate the simplicity of the concept.
    Chapstick has dozens of survival uses.
  4. Chef Boyardee can (get four cans for around $3.62). Just
    beware that food under survival times is more valuable
    than the silver coins you may tuck inside.
  5. Household plant. Check the video above on how to turn a
    household plant into a diversion safe, too.

How to hide your stuff in plain sight
The video above was just the start. Here are more ideas for
clever homemade diversion safes and hiding places.

Prepper Stash #1: air ducts.
Air ducts are a popular do-it-yourself prepper hiding place and
you can buy them on Amazon, left. Remove air vents and you
may find a discreet nook for a firearm. Just make sure the item
doesn't restrict air flow.

Prepper Stash #2: PVC Pipe.
PVC Pipe is a prepper favorite to make a survival cache. While
it's tempting to hid your survival cache on the property, it's best
to bury a survival cache off your property if it contains firearms
you will need to defend your property.

Prepper Stash #3: Crevices.
Clever places abound in your home and you know where they
are! You may find crevices hidden from sight in furniture.

  • Door Frame Crevice. Stashing food inside the plywood of
    doors is another popular prepper practice. It's a bit tricky
    plying the wood apart and you may splinter the wood in the
    process or need to repaint it, but the comforts of knowing
    your food or ammunition is safely tucked inside should be

Prepper Stash #4: Product cans and plastics.
Diversion safes are available commercially (see bottom of the
page), but you can make your own. WD-40, Barbasol, the list is
endless on cans and plastics for foods and other products you
could use. Here are the do-it-yourself directions:

  • Mayonnaise jar. A mayonnaise diversion safe is expensive!
    Check the price, right of the weighted diversion safe that's
    made to look like a bottle of Mayo, then decide to make
    your own!

    Make your own Mayo Diversion Safe! Empty your favorite
    mayonnaise, wash it out. When it's dry, pour some white
    paint inside, and scrape like a knife as though you're
    getting the last bit of mayonnaise. The container now looks
    like mayonnaise and you can stuff valuables inside.

Prepper Stash #5: Compact Disk / Jewel Case.
Easily hide silver coins in a CD by the computer or as a DVD by
the media cabinet. Sneaky and safe! Just use the jewel case of
a computer program or a music CD that you no longer use and
slide in your valuables along with he real thing. No one will ever
sort through your collection expecting to find gold.

The jewel case pack, right, would be ideal to store silver in plain
sight. Just be sure to make CD-covers to hide what's inside and
to make it look like family pictures and something no one would
want to steal.

Prepper Stash #6: Moving Boxes.
Place emergency food reserves in cardboard moving boxes. Use
a Sharpie marking pen to write "Grandma's Country dishes," add
a few clanking pieces on top, then seal the box with packing
tape and stash away in the garage or attic.

Prepper Stash #7: Old Vaccum Cleaner.
Don't dump your old vacuum cleaner! Give it new life as a do-it-
diversion safe.

Prepper Stash #8: Hide Away Keyless Security
The V-Line Hide Away Keyless Security System, pictured right, is
your best choice when you need a larger secure storage solution
that is hidden under a desk or shelf. The Desk Mate utilizes
steel construction and a high grade keyless security lock that is
easy to program and easy to use. The included quick release
mounting system allows you to mount the unit in a hidden
location with easy access to your valubles, or a firearm. T

he quick release system also allows you to easily take it with
you for storage when you are on the go. The lock is a high grade
system that needs no batteries, and has up to 1081 different

Prepper Stash #9: Vintage luggage.
Vintage luggage is decor, but it's also a great place to hide your
wares. Head to the thrift shops and garage sales and see what
you find. Stack three vintage suitcases of varying sizes. No one
will ever guess that one is stacked with ammo, the other with
rice, beans and
pasta, and the other with canned meats.

Prepper stash #10: Bean Bag chair.
To find space and hide your wares, you can get a bean bag
chair. The clever bean bag chair below is for clothing, however
you could just as well store rice and beans in thick mylar bags
or seal them up in a vacuum bag and hide them inside. Or use
an ordinary bean bag chair. The sitter will never think of looking

Happy endings...
Hide your stuff or lose it. You can convert so many things in
your home into a diversion safe. Be creative and see what you
can find to create a home made stash box.

Get creative. Right is a kitty litter box that looks like a plant. If
you don't have a kitty you can use it in the corner of your home
to stash food and supplies. No one will suspect a thing!

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