10 habits of happy preppers

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How to be a happy prepper
Preparedness takes a happy twist

How to be a happy prepper (and not the doomsday kind).
Prepare to live happily ever after: be the happiest of preppers!
Here's how to be a happy prepper...

What makes a happy and successful prepper?
Preppers who are happiest are those who are confident that they
are self-reliant.

Self-reliance has both its challenges and its rewards. Living off
the grid may seem like a simple and rewarding life, but it also is
complicated to unplug from it. Once you install solar panels and
generate your own electricity it can feel liberating, but it's not
going to put food on your table.

For starters, a prepper family needs to get rid of bad habits, such
as relying on ready made food. It's one thing to have food
storage buckets, cans and mylar of ready-to-eat food for
emergencies, and quite a another to have ingredients in your food
storage to make meals.

It's hard work, but there is satisfaction in knowing that you are in
charge of your livelihood.

  1. Happy preppers keep an open mind. Prepper's always hope
    for the best and prepare for the worst.
  2. Happy preppers live outside the box. In other words, they
    live off the grid!
  3. Happy preppers are passionate about the second
    amendment, their liberties, and their right to be self-reliant.
  4. Happy preppers swim against the current. Preppers are not
  5. Happy preppers finish what they start.
  6. Happy preppers are resilient.
  7. Happy preppers make health a priority
  8. Happy preppers don't dwell on problems (their own or
  9. Happy preppers celebrate creating prepping!
  10. Happy preppers never limit their joy.

Want to learn more?

What does it mean to live off the grid? What does it mean to be
self reliant? What does it mean to be a prepper? Now you have a
few answers to those questions.

Happy endings...
Don't worry, be happy!

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