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  • New! It pains no one to say this but... An ache, a
    throb, a sting ~ you don't need to feel the burn! Pain is
    something you can't avoid, but you can avoid feeling
    pain. Ensure that you have enough pain medications to
    get you through an emergency when the pharmacies
    are closed. Prepper remedies for pain.

  • New! Worms inside you. Parasites might be inside
    your intestinal tract right now. If you've ever had sushi,
    scooped cat poop, traveled to a developing country, or
    eaten a meal prepared by someone who didn't clean
    hands before cooking, you could have them wiggling
    inside. The problem is very real for Americans and
    here's how to get rid of the nasty parasites, prepper
    style. (There's wiggle room for natural remedies.)

  • New! Prepper's hope chest. Preppers have a long
    tradition of hoping for the best and preparing for the
    worst and you can pass the survival torch. Create a new
    tradition with your favorite young prepper by
    establishing for him or her a prepper's hope chest!

  • New! Shingle Bells. Shingle Bells! Make the
    Shingles go all away! The Centers for Disease Control
    recommends a new Shingles vaccine. Should you take
    it? One in three people who had Chicken Pox will
    eventually get the Shingles! As you gather with family
    and friends this holiday season there may be a senior in
    your midst notably absent because of the dreaded
    Shingles. Learn how to speed healing of the Shingles

  • Survive lung cancer with naturally. Having cancer
    is no walk in the park, but you can walk with nature to
    survive lung cancer. Both spiritually and figuratively,
    nature can help you survive lung cancer and there's
    support from the scientific community that it's all
    possible. Survive lung cancer naturally with alternative
    treatment options, including some essential oils you
    never heard about until now.

  • Emergency heat sources: What will you do when the
    power goes out to stay warm without electricity? Play it
    safe and keep your family cozy (no electricity required).

  • Pill bottle survival kit. How to build a tiny survival kit
    in a pillbox. We've included fifty ideas of what you can
    include inside a pillbox. They make great home-made
    stocking stuffers.

  • Can't sleep? Read this! During a crisis, your mind
    could be hyper alert with thoughts keeping you awake
    at night. Without adequate sleep you may not be able
    to follow through on an effective strategy of survival,
    which is why it's important for preppers to take note of
    natural remedies for insomnia.

  • Top ten medicines to stockpile for emergencies.
    Medicine cabinet "must haves" for preppers... When
    there is no pharmacy what then? While you can't
    stockpile prescriptions  beyond your needs, there are
    some basic over-the-counter medications preppers
    should have in the medicine cabinet. Here's our list of
    ten over-the-counter medications to stock...

  • Gluten-free emergency food. It's absolutely
    necessary for someone suffering from Celiac's disease
    to stockpile certain foods for an emergency. Here's the
    top ten gluten-free emergency foods that are shelf-
    stable to last you several years... We even found gluten-
    free gravy!

  • Bad things a good prepper may do to survive.
    Every armed citizen should understand the law of self
    defense, as well as to consider the bad things they
    might do to survive a world without rule of law.

  • Prepping for job loss. The economy is doing well with
    record highs in the stock market and the focus of the
    current administration is on more jobs, but even so,
    you or someone in the household could lose a job. Are
    you ready to deal with the impact? Have a plan!
    Prepping for a job loss.

  • Discover the importance of a deep larder. Could
    you survive a 30-day disruption to the food supply?
    Buffer the odds for your family's survival and save 38%
    with the Augason Farms 30-day food storage bucket,
    right. Freeze dried foods help you build your food
    storage because they last up to 25 years and you can
    stack and store them easily.

  • Shop Amazon like a dollar store! Have you ever
    thought of shopping Amazon like a dollar store? It's
    possible when you know some tricks. One of the tricks
    is buying in bulk and you can buy in bulk online and
    save money.
Shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30%.

More prepping articles...  

  • Is your water safe to drink?

  • How much water should you have for an
    emergency? A family of four needs 270 gallons of
    water for a three month supply, according to Utah State
    University. That's entirely too many bottles of water to
    have in storage, which is why you need to look at all
    your options for emergency water storage. How to buy
    large water tanks. Large water storage tanks provide
    the answer to your family's emergency water needs as
    a secondary source to the municipal water supply. No
    matter where you live, having a secondary supply of
    water is important.

  • How to buy large water tanks. Large water storage
    tanks provide the answer to your family's emergency
    water needs as a secondary source to the municipal
    water supply. No matter where you live, having a
    secondary supply of water is important. You can have
    large water tanks delivered! Here's what to know about
    large water tanks.

  • Think you're tapping into clean drinking water?
    When you turn on the faucet you may be tapping into a
    cocktail of unwanted contaminants, potentially deadly
    toxins and organisms. Instead tap into this article on
    the 10 reasons not to drink the tap water.

  • Home, sweet homestead. For those still dreaming of
    owning a homestead, it's good to know that you really
    can buy land for next to nothing to get your homestead

  • Cook indoors in an emergency! When it's wet and
    rainy, or cold and snowy, how will you cook when the
    grid goes down? Can you take your off-grid cooking
    inside? Yes. Here are eleven ways to cook indoors in an

  • Homeless lessons. The hurricanes and the tornadoes
    and flooding that follows will cause much homelessness.
    Everyone can learn from the homeless.

  • Shopping thrift shops for prepping books?
    Prepping books are hard to come by at garage sales
    and thrift shops, but you can shop Amazon for used
    prepping and survival books and save money. Here are
    Ten Prepping books to buy used on Amazon.

  • Master country living skills quickly and easily.
    Storey's Country Wisdom pamphlets are condensed
    information guides packed with practical, hands-on
    instructions. Want to build a chicken coop? Start seeds
    indoors? Get free fertilizer? Build a smokehouse?
    There's a guide for you!

  • Have butter in your food storage? Butter is loaded
    with Vitamin A, packed with healthy fats, and a staple in
    just about every prepper's kitchen. Here's everything
    you need to know about your butter food storage
    options, including how to dehydrate butter, where to
    get canned butter and butter powder ~ and so much

  • Stop bleeding when there is no doctor! Do you
    know how to stop bleeding? It can take just five
    minutes for someone to bleed to death, and in those
    precious moments you can take measures to help make
    the bleeding stop..

  • Ever thought of going off-grid in Alaska? Some of
    the toughest of preppers live off grid in Alaska. Here
    are some considerations for going off-grid and in
    Alaska, and an excellent documentary to watch if you
    want to go it "Alone into the wilderness."

  • Emergency water pouches. What's the deal with
    those emergency drinking water pouches in survival
    kits? Are emergency water pouches worth the price?

  • Are you stocking electrolytes? Excessive sweating
    from a strenuous activity or illness are just two reasons
    why you'll want to stockpile electrolytes as part of your
    overall prepping plans. Don't sweat the small stuff, like
    heatstroke. Instead, prepare for it by stockpiling
    electrolytes so you can keep hydrated and stay healthy
    in crisis ~ whether it's a personal emergency, like the
    illness of a child, a full-blown pandemic or just working
    on the homestead in the hot sun.

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Lifestraw personal water straw
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