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Ammonia Inhalant
Prepping with kids 260 gallon water tank for the family

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How to Be a Prepper and Live Happily Ever After:  

(Nov. 30, 2015) Happy Holidays! Be thankful you're a prepper! Being a prepper
is not just about
hoarding food and supplies. Prepping is about combining your skills,
hobbies and interests to survive whatever comes your way. Prepare to live happily
ever after with us!

Articles on Prepping, Homesteading and Survivalism...

  • Weird Survival tools: Have you ever heard of potassium permanganate? See
    the video about how this amazing survival chemical is a weird but wonderful
    addition to your bugout bag. It's magic! See the other weird survival tools.

How to have a very prepper Christmas...
The holidays are almost here and Santa is checking his prepper list twice to see who
is naughty and nice.  Now's a good time to introduce family members to your
preparedness activities and to show them you care. You'll find preps for kids and for
your spouse, as well as anyone on your list.

  • Give us this day our daily bread! Remember that Christmas is a time of
    gathering around the table with friends and family. It would not be possible
    without the daily preparations you make. Bread is at the heart of the most
    basic meal. Here's how to ensure you have enough bread for your family.

  • Stocking stuffers. Secret Santas everywhere are looking into our list of
    stocking stuffers for preppers, homesteaders and survivalists. Here's our list
    of Christmas stocking stuffer ideas.

  • Books and movies on survival make great gifts.

  • Luxury prepping. If you're planning on getting a tax refund in 2016, then
    consider the water storage tank, right. It holds 260 gallons, which is enough
    water for a family of four to survive a month. Water isn't a luxury until it's too
    late and you don't have any. Then it's a necessity! If you've got some money
    coming to you, then here's how to spend your tax refund on prepping luxuries.

How to save money to buy the preps you really want...
If you're prepping on a budget you can find wiggle room for more preps with just a
few tweaks to your normal routine. Best of all, you can save money for more preps
without denying yourself anything!  Below are some changes you can make in your
life today, so you can start saving money for prepping the easy way for whatever
tomorrow brings.  

  • How to start prepping with little or no money: Ten totally free preps (we
    promise that won't cost you a dime).

  • Budget busters: Unless you're a Gates, a Trump, or a Zuckerberg, you're on a
    budget, though they may not realize it. Budgeting is the art of controlling your
    expenses to get more of what you want. Why give away so much of your hard-
    earned money by spending it the wrong way? Any prepper can budget to get
    more of what they want Here's how to be a prepper on a budget.

  • Got a five-spot? You won't believe the cool preps we found for $5 or less.
    Whether you want to give these survival items as gifts, or keep them for
    yourself, you're going to love this list of preps under $5.

  • Can we nickel and dime you? Using this easy idea, you can turn pennies,
    nickels, dimes and quarters into an Amazon gift card using a Coinstar machine.
    There's no fee to turn loose change into preps you buy on Amazon. You'd be
    surprised how quickly it adds up.

How to get free stuff
Yes, you can live happily ever after on a budget with tips on how to penny pinch and
get frees stuff.Get started prepping for little or no money...

  • Free Family Survival Manual. Here's a free guide from the U.S. Department of
    Defense from 1963! The Personal and Family Survival Manual, complete with
    instructions on how to build a family fallout shelter still has many valuable tips
    for preppers in the modern world.

Get happy and healthier in 2016!
As preppers we often focus on skills and prepping supplies, and while some of us
stay fit and exercise, health isn't a top concern beyond the bandages! If you're
prepping to survive, then you may as well look at your health. Here's how to have a
healthier and happier you in 2016...

  • Toss the microwave and enjoy cast iron cooking. Great to own, cast
    iron cookware, such as a skillet or Dutch oven, readily goes from open
    flame to stove top giving you indoor and outdoor options, plus it enhances
    nutrition of your meals with iron, provides fast heating, and requires no
    soap in the clean up. Learn how to care for your cast iron.

    want to avoid the toxin that's poisoning tap water, bottled water and
    toothpaste). Right, the Big Berkey water filtration system can get rid of
    fluoride in your everyday water and filter raw water for your survival in an
Ingenious alternative use survival ideas.
"Make do or do without," is a motto adopted by preppers who heard it from the
Great Depression era. To that end, here are some unusual ways to make do and
survive to tell about it with ideas on incredibly versatile tools...

Admittedly weird and wonderful, these wacky survival tools just might save your
The biggest prepping mistakes (and how not to make them).
Are you using gear properly? Have you overlooked some essentials?

  • Popular! Have you overlooked any of these survival items? Sometimes
    preppers overlook the necessities. Here's the popular list of the most
    overlooked preps, like a fire escape ladder for those who live on the second

  • Pretty Little Prepper Lies! Whether lies are secretive, boastful or come from
    the misinformed, preppers need to be aware and to take a measure of caution
    before accepting prepping ideas and misinformation. Don't succumb to the
    pretty little lies from other survivalists, FEMA, the U.S. Federal Drug
    Administration, or the Centers for Disease Control either.

Water for Survival

Natural Solutions for Preppers
With an eye on mother nature, preppers bent on homesteading look for natural
solutions to their prepping needs. Below are some ideas on how to harvest natural

  • How to get rid of bugs naturally. Bugged by bugs? Get rid of them without
    harsh chemicals. Getting rid of bugs naturally isn't as difficult as you may think.

  • Got natural antibiotics? Here are 19+ natural antibiotic alternatives. Take a
    closer look at the available natural antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics may not
    be available when you need them most, so you'll need alternatives. There are
    many natural, botanical antibiotic alternatives to find in the natural food stores
    or search easily online. Natural antibiotics can be your first line of defense
    (before going to the doctor for antibiotic drugs).  Natural antibiotics can help
    you with sinus infections and colds, sore throats, urinary tract infections and
    ordinary cuts and scrapes. You need only have the knowledge of the right
    natural antibiotics.

  • Terrific turmeric and why you need some. Preppers have been among the
    first to rediscover the significant powers of turmeric, the ancient spice, and its
    active compound: curcumin. 15 medicinal uses of turmeric.

  • Coffee has a vital role in survival! Grab a cup a joe and read on.There are
    grounds for keeping coffee grounds, coffee cans and coffee! Done with your
    pot of coffee and still have leftovers?  1 Nourish your plants with the cold
    coffee water.  2 Compost the coffee grounds with the filter! Learn how to use
    a coffee filter for survival.

  • Rice water: it's good to know... As an electrolyte replacement, rice water is
    an effective home remedy for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which is among
    the primary way preppers will use it, but rice water has so many other
    benefits. Discover more how to use rice water (and more about why you'll
    want to use it).

Living without electricity.
Could an attacker sabbotage the power grid? Could a solar storm wipe out our
power grid for weeks or even months or years?

  • Lights out! With the recent release of Ted Koppel's new book, Lights Out,
    there's much speculation about scenarios possible from a Cyberattack, A
    Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.

  • Stove and Campfire (the fuel is all around you and so is the fun). Enjoy
    camping and preparedness using any of the off-grid cooking methods.

Weird prepper stuff

  • More reasons to stash chewing gum in your preps. Only four out of
    five dentists recommend gum for their patients who chew gum and we
    wondered why! Chewing gum can help you in a survival situation. If you
    read our original article back in 2012, you'd have noticed 7 great reasons
    to stockpile gum, but we've added more compelling reasons to stock gum
    for survival, bringing it to a total of ten reasons in this revised article.

  • Strange preps: Are fish antibiotics* safe for humans? Find out what
    several experts in the prepping community have to say... A doctor, a
    couple of nurses and a paramedic weigh in on the decision of whether to
    stock fish antibiotics.*

 Do-it-yourself prepping  

  • Easy project: Have you checked the questionable ingredients of your hand
    sanitizer? They're often made in China and contain acetate and food
    colorings.You can make your own hand sanitizer with rubbing alcohol and
    essential oils.

The prepper's pantry
Don't go hungry in crisis. Prepare for and not only survive, but thrive with plenty:

  • Food Storage: one of our most popular articles 37 Foods To Hoard is a
    free guide, (don't pay for this valuable information).

  • Canned meats: Probably the best protein source for preppers is canned
    meat and you'd be surprised at what is available. How ome your grocery
    store doesn't carry ground beef in a can or a shelf stable bacon in a can?
    Discover canned meats for long term storage.

  • Got Vitamins? Did you know a healthy diet of potatoes supplemented
    only with milk or butter is all a human body needs to sustain proper
    nutrition? The combo provides two vitamins (vitamins A and D).

  • GMO-free:

  • Mexican Fiesta Food Storage: Plan ahead and your family can dine on
    tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, and other specialties with Yoder's canned
    taco filling, home made tortillas, canned beans, olives, corn and even sour

  • Yoder-Lay-He-Who! Yoder's canned meats have a 10-year shelf life.
    Try canned sausage, canned hamburger, and canned beef taco filling too!

Bugging out

  • Bugout by bike and be happy. If you must travel for work, you may be
    concerned about how you might get back should the world suffer a cyber
    attack or EMP. Travelling by car you can carry a bugout bike. By airplane
    you can ensure you have enough cash to buy yourself a bike to get back
    home. Here's more on picking the right bicycle equipment to survive.

  • What's in your pocket? If you did a pocket dump of the average prepper,
    likely you'd find a knife and/or firearm, a firestarter, and a flashlight. Have you
    neglected one of the most important tools to carry with you daily? Read our
    Prepper's Everyday Carry List.

Homesteading and Self Reliance

  • Eight rust busters! Preppers can "make do" and bust the rust with stuff
    in the pantry and around the house! Learn how to get rid of rust on
    knives, bicycle equipment, cast iron pans, concrete and more.

  • Growing Lemons: Are lemons part of your preps? Every prepper needs a
    lemon tree or a stock of crystallized lemon and juice in their preps.

First aid and Medical
When there is no doctor, and when limb is on the line, preppers take action. Here is
a look first aid options

  • Dental Medic Kit. Nothing bites like dental pain. If a dentist isn't
    available, preppers can rely on their Dental Medic Kit in crisis.

Everyday prepping

  • TO DO List: Everyday there's an opportunity to do something towards
    your prepping goals. Here's our popular Prepper's TO DO list.

Pandemic Preparedness
In late 2014 preppers hit the panic button about Ebola realizing that America's
infrastructure was weak for pandemic. The CDC did little to assure patriots. What will
be the next pandemic?

  • The black death (Bubonic Plague) is in America! The bubonic plague is
    alive and well in America! Did you the United states gets 1-17 cases of the
    plague annually? Right now, preppers in Utah, Colorado, California and
    Arizona need to take particular note. Possibly also the U.S. Department of
    Defense may have mishandled the bubonic plague and equine encephalitis
    samples at its laboratories! Here's how to avoid getting the plague.

Natural Disasters  

  • Concerned about nukes? Find out if you live near a nuclear power plant and
    how you can protect yourself against radiation from man-made or natural
    disasters. Left, IOSAT pills, also called "nuke pills" are an inexpensive prep for
    peace of mind.

  • Hurricane season is here! Take a look at how prepper's weather the
    storm to survive a hurricane.

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