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How to Be a Prepper (and Live Happily Ever After):
(Dec. 22, 2014) Being a prepper is not just about hoarding food and supplies. Prepping
is about combining your
skills, hobbies and interests to survive whatever comes your
way. Prepare to live happily ever after with us!

Christmas is almost here, preppers!
Here are twelve ways to be merry and prep happy this Christmas season:
  1. 'Tis the Season for Fire Safety Preparations! A Fire Escape Ladder is a "must
    have" item if you're a prepper who has a bedroom on the second or third story.
    Make sure you have smoke detectors installed and batteries checked!
  2. Water the Christmas tree. Properly maintain the Christmas tree water content
    to reduce the risk of fire. Also, keep the tree three feet away from a heat surface.
  3. Light candles. Why not celebrate your Christmas dinner by candlelight this year?
    Go off grid entirely with candles for the evening! Votives are not only decorative,
    but useful for preppers in emergency preparedness. Teach fire safety to kids and
    be cautious of  candle placement. Do not place candles near high traffic areas or
    near draperies or Christmas decorations. Do not leave candles unattended.
    Never light your Christmas tree with real candles.
  4. Roast marshmallows in your fire pit. No need to wait until camping season,
    create a warm Christmas atmosphere by sitting fireside for a winter camp out.
    Trust us, they'll want S'more of the same next Christmas!
  5. Read to a prepper child! Left is a the book by Kermit Jones Jr., and Christy Brill
    from the Prepper Pete series: Twelve Days of Prepper Christmas. Instill the
    values of prepping this Christmas time with Prepper Pete Prepares! Or tell the
    kids the story of Stone Soup.
  6. Make mason jar cookies. Christmas cookie mix packed in a mason jar makes for
    a heartfelt and inexpensive Christmas treat.
  7. Can candles! How easy a prep it is to place votive candles in a mason jar along
    with matches to ensure you're always ready. The trick is to place a piece of
    sandpaper on the lid, so you have a striking surface. This time of year, you'll find
    festive candles on sale. Another option is to melt the candles you already have
    and pour them into mason jars, or use Epsom salt like snow to add a festive
    touch to your mason jars.
  8. Get your fill! At this time of plenty, ensure you have plenty (plenty of water,
    that is)! Ensure your family has enough water to survive a pandemic or other
    disaster where water may be in short supply. A family of four needs 270 gallons
    for a three-month supply, according to Utah State University. Fill 260 gallons
    with the unique water storage tank pictured right.
  9. Cozy up to your Kindle. Read Ron Foster's A Prepper Christmas or The Season
    Of The Solar Storm: Christmas Dreams and A Preppers Nightmare: Book 3 of the
    Prepper Saga, also by Ron Foster, and available on Amazon Kindle. Other good
    prepper reads fare the Prepper's Home Defense, pictured right, and Secret
    Survival Garden. Books by Bear Grylls, Mykel Hawke or Creek Stewart are good
    reads any time of the year. See the complete list of prepper books.
  10. Find holiday happiness at the dollar stores. Stuff stockings with useful stocking
    stuffers. Discover the 99 ways to spend a buck prepping the dollar stores.
  11. Explore Frankincense and Myrhh. Essential oils are essential for preppers.
    Enjoy the essence of the holiday season with these biblical gifts, which are also
    nature's gift to you.
  12. Gather pinecones. Did you know pinecones make excellent kindling? Have fun
    gathering and decorating pinecone firestarters! Spray paint or sprinkle with
    glitter, hang, make a centerpiece:

  • Prepping | homesteading | survival: (Popular articles):

  • Prepper lists:
  • How to prepare for an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
    "We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which
    hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology," so says Carl
    Sagan. It's true, our humans depend on the grid.

    Top Ten Most Dangerous places to be during an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP):
  1. in flight of an airplane or helicopter;
  2. trapped in an elevator;
  3. belted in a ride in an amusement park;
  4. trapped in the subway system;
  5. on vacation away from home or your bugout location;
  6. at school tens or hundreds of miles away from parents;
  7. in your car in the desert tens of miles away from water;
  8. hanging on to life support in the hospital or a nursing home;
  9. locked in prison or jail (or living anywhere near a prison or jail);
  10. anywhere near a nuclear plant!

    You don't have to quit your job and move to the country! Start living off the grid
    now and enjoy your urban homestead. Get started with this list of 50
    homesteading skills anyone can try.

  • Winterize your prepping!
  1. Buy a generator is before you actually need one!
  2. Get cozy by the fire and grab a few good prepper books!
  3. Warm your apocalypse soup with sweet and savory soup toppings!
  4. Check your windshield wipers and think about building a car survival kit!

  • Mouthwash saves lives?
    Certainly mouthwash helps prevent cavities and plaque buildup as it delivers its
    promise of freshening breath, but mouthwash has applications preppers also as
    an antibacterial (kills bacteria), antiseptic (kills bacteria, fungi, protozoa and
    viruses), and a disinfectant (destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi). This article
    highlights the

  • Got antibiotics? Here are 19+ natural antibiotic alternatives. Take a closer
    look at the available natural antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics may not be
    available when you need them most, so you'll need alternatives. There are many
    natural, botanical antibiotic alternatives to find in the natural food stores or
    search easily online. Natural antibiotics can be your first line of defense (before
    going to the doctor for antibiotic drugs).  Natural antibiotics can help you with
    sinus infections and colds, sore throats, urinary tract infections and ordinary cuts
    and scrapes. You need only have the knowledge of the right natural antibiotics.

  • Emergency foods that boost morale! 10 Morale boosting snacks. A basic
    human need for sustenance and comfort, a prepper's pantry is filled with variety.
    When levels of stress are high, having the right kinds of foods can help at a
    subconscious level to improve morale and help you survive. Preppers can help
    plan for a sense of well being and normalcy in uncertain times by stocking

Master List of Prepping Supplies
  1. Alcohol  – Even if you don't drink, preppers should stock alcohol: rubbing alcohol
    for first aid and also spirits for bartering.
  2. Antibiotics You may not have access to antibiotics from the doctor, so consider
    the natural antibiotics available to you now.
  3. Antibacterials Good hygiene is the start of being happy and healthy. Go
    beyond antibacterial soap and find options.
  4. Antiseptics – Neosporin (or polysporin if you are allergic) are only the beginning.
  5. Aspirin 11 Weird (and not so weird) uses of aspirin for preppers.
  6. Axe / hatchet and sharpener for wood chopping. Learn also about the
    importance of a Pulaski axe.
  7. Bic lighter.
  8. BlanketsStock up on both mylar and wool blankets. Mylar is lightweight and
    helps you retain 90% of body heat (it's essential for you bugout bag). A fire-
    resistant wool blanket for first aid is a valuable prep to own and ideal for
    Winterizing your vehicle.
  9. Bleach 10 Things you should know about bleach before you buy too much.
  10. Bugout bag
  11. Bugout bike
  12. Boots (hiking, work boots). Stash an extra pair of good walking shoes in your
    car and another at the office.
  13. Borax
  14. Bucket Openers. You'll need a way to open your food storage.
  15. Buckets of Emergency Food. Bulk Emergency food (three months minimum)
  16. Bullion – silver and gold (for long term scenarios)
  17. Cable ties
  18. 'Camp stove, The Volcano collapsible grill and stove, pictured right, takes three
    kinds of fuel: 1.) propane, 2.) charcoal 3.) Wood.
  19. Camp solar shower.
  20. Cash in small bills will be immediately useful; however, not in the long term
  21. Compass and maps
  22. Communications (cell phone, weather Radio, CB, HAM radio, two wave radio,
    walkie talkies)
  23. Candles (emergency candles) and candlemaking supplies
  24. Canned foodmeats, fruits, vegetables, soups, stews, stocks
  25. Can Openers – multiples for redundancy
  26. Carts – hauling food, water, wood, and equipment
  27. Chemical Suit. Pictured left, is a chemical suit strong enough to handle Ebola!
  28. Chewing gum. Chew on this: Gum could help save your life in a survival situation
    and we'll show you how, so don't over look this inexpensive part of your preps!
  29. Cigarettes  – for tinder and bartering
  30. Cordage - paracord
  31. Dehydrator
  32. Duct tape
  33. Dental aid dental wax, braces kit, Chlorahexamine
  34. Dental Hygiene –  dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash (which is
    an antiseptic!)
  35. Disinfectants (chlorine bleach, Steramine tablets)
  36. Drink mixes, powdered milk, and other emergency drinks
  37. Essential Oils. When medicines are not available, preppers will be turning to
    wisdom of the centuries with tinctures and essential oils.
  38. Electrolytes – Pedialyte, Saltstick Electrolyte Capsules
  39. Epsom Salt
  40. Flashlights – LED, hand crank, and solar
  41. Flu Mask
  42. Firearms (guns and ammunition)
  43. Fire extinguishers
  44. Fire starters – BIC lighter, matches (including waterproof matches), flint, fire
    steel, magnesium fire starter
  45. Freeze dried foods Augason Farms, Honeyville Farms, Mountain House,
    Legacy Foods, bucket of potatoes.
  46. Fishing gear – fishing pole and reel, fishing line, lures, swivels, sinkers, tackle
  47. First Aid supplies – bandages, butterfly bandages, finger cots, finger splints,
    smelling salts, (see also Medic Bag)
  48. Fuel – kerosene, propane, white gas
  49. Gas Mask – Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) gas mask
  50. Gardening tools – rake, hoe, planters (see also shovel and spade)
  51. Generator
  52. Grains
  53. Grain mill
  54. Hammer and nails
  55. Home defense tools – barbed wire
  56. Homestead supplies – chicken wire (aka poultry netting) and garden staples,
  57. Hunting – alternate gear including, BB gun, crossbow, snare wire, slingshot,
    pellet gun
  58. Hygiene – cloth diapers, plastic diapers, sanitary napkins or tampons, adult
    diapers, wipes
  59. Hydrogen peroxide
  60. Immunity Boosters - Vitamins
  61. Knives (fixed blade knives)
  62. Knives (folding knives )
  63. Lanterns  – solar, gas, hand crank
  64. Laundryoff grid washing machine, centrifugal dryer, washboards, clothes pins
    and washing line
  65. Pandemic Personal Protective Equipment – chemical and splash resistant,
    disposable clothing, booties  pandemic mask, goggles, nitrile gloves, gauntlet
  66. Protein bars, energy bars, cereal bars, granola bars
  67. Manual kitchen tools – butter churn, cheesecloth, cheese wax, manual egg
    beater,  manual knife sharpener, juice press, corn husker, heavy duty apple
    /potato peeler, pea sheller.
  68. Mason jars
  69. Medic Bag and first responder supplies – scalpels, Quickclot
  70. Morale boosters – chewing gum, coffee, hard candy, desserts
  71. Pressure cooker – for home canning
  72. Rain barrels
  73. Rice and beans
  74. Respirator – Niosh certified (e.g., N100 or N95)
  75. Salt
  76. Saw, plus saw horses, clamp
  77. Screwdriver and screws
  78. Seed vault (non-GMO, heirloom seeds)
  79. Soap laundry
  80. Solar chargers  – cell phone solar batteries
  81. Shoe repair –inserts, laces (or thin paracord), rubber heels savers and soles.
    Shoe Goo
  82. Shovel and spade
  83. Sewing Kit –  sewing notions (needles, thread, sewing awl), patterns, treadle-
    powered sewing machine
  84. Spices
  85. SuperGlue
  86. Survival Guide(we recommend Mykel Hawke’s Survival Guide)
  87. Tarps (green or camouflaged, not blue)
  88. Tent, car camper recreational vehicle, temporary shelter or bugout location
  89. Toilet paper
  90. Thermometer, no touch (infrared) or disposable, digital and analog
  91. Vaseline
  92. Vinegar
  93. Vehicle essentials – jumper cables, fluids, tire repair kit, tire chains, tow straps
  94. WD-40  –  a good all-around lubricant
  95. Wood, seasoned.
  96. Water filtration system and water purification system (there is a difference).
  97. Water Storage. If you have kids, you'll want a 260-gallon water tank that will
    ensure a family of four has water for three months.

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