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More prepping articles...  

  • iOSAT: the teensy pill that could save your life.  The U.S.
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission is stocking iOSAT Nukepills
    so shouldn't you?

  • North Korea's hydrogen bomb threat. Dear "reader," you
    may be worried about North Korea's apparent new
    capabilities, but you're a prepper and most of what you've
    been doing will prepare for an attack from North Korea. Find
    out what more you can do to prepare for the new atomic age

  • Nuke supplies! As a prepper, you likely have many of the
    supplies necessary to survive nuclear fallout. Aside from
    stocking your shelter with food, water and a first aid kit, we
    have a list of the top ten nuke supplies to own.

  • Get out your thieves oil. The plague is back ~ right now it's
    sweeping urban areas of Madacascar. Camphor oil and
    Thieves oil can help you survive the plague.

  • Is your water safe?

  • Prepper Toilets. Do you have a plan when the stuff hits the
    fan? If your #1 place to go #2 isn't available because the
    toilets won't flush, you must have an alternative sanitation
    plan. Read about your Prepper Toilet Options.

  • Cook indoors in an emergency! When it's wet and rainy, or
    cold and snowy, how will you cook when the grid goes down?
    Can you take your off-grid cooking inside? Yes. Here are
    eleven ways to cook indoors in an emergency.

  • Are you dreaming of owning a homestead? Wondering how
    to afford the land? Get out of the rat race and learn how to
    buy land for next to nothing so you can start your
    homesteading journey.

  • How to buy large water tanks. Large water storage tanks
    provide the answer to your family's emergency water needs
    as a secondary source to the municipal water supply. No
    matter where you live, having a secondary supply of water is
    important. You can have large water tanks delivered! Here's
    what to know about large water tanks.

  • Homeless lessons. The hurricanes and the tornadoes and
    flooding that follows will cause much homelessness.
    Everyone can learn from the homeless.

  • Prepper medicines: Do you dare try them?

  • Master country living skills quickly and easily. Storey's
    Country Wisdom pamphlets are condensed information
    guides packed with practical, hands-on instructions. Want to
    build a chicken coop? Start seeds indoors? Get free fertilizer?
    Build a smokehouse? There's a guide for you!

  • Stop bleeding when there is no doctor! Do you know how
    to stop bleeding? It can take just five minutes for someone
    to bleed to death, and in those precious moments you can
    take measures to help make the bleeding stop.

  • Mexican food storage. Get out your rice, pinto beans and
    pinto bean seasoning, masa harina and tortilla press!
    Rehydrate your freeze dried meat and sour cream. Clip some
    cilantro from the garden, open the jar of salsa and now
    you're ready to have an off-grid Mexican fiesta! Did we
    mention the pinto bean seasoning. Good stuff, pictured right.

  • Rise and shine! Have you given much thought about the
    most important meal of the day? Now's the time to plan your
    breakfast food storage.

  • Ever thought of going off-grid in Alaska? Some of the
    toughest of preppers live off grid in Alaska. Here are some
    considerations for going off-grid and in Alaska, and an
    excellent documentary to watch if you want to go it "Alone
    into the wilderness."

  • Firestarter? Check. Knife? Check. Fresnel Lens?

  • How to spot the "fake news." While an editorialist is
    allowed commentary and opinion, journalists are supposed to
    stick to the facts and delineate. That's not what's happening
    today. Patriots are on the alert. Here's how to sort through
    the media bias and spot the fake news.

  • Emergency water pouches. What's the deal with those
    emergency drinking water pouches in survival kits? Are
    emergency water pouches worth the price?

  • Firestarters are a spark of brilliance! Every prepper,
    camper, hunter or scout master needs a quality firestarter
    but may not know the difference between a ferro rod or a
    magnesium and flint firestarter. Get schooled on this basic
    survival item, which should be part of your everyday carry.
    See our list of best of the firestarting options for preppers.

  • Find your perfect match. Survival matches come in several
    varieties. Find the perfect survival match and garner a few
    match hacks and skills for your survival.

  • Are you stocking electrolytes? Excessive sweating from a
    strenuous activity or illness are just two reasons why you'll
    want to stockpile electrolytes as part of your overall prepping
    plans. Don't sweat the small stuff, like heatstroke. Instead,
    prepare for it by stockpiling electrolytes so you can keep
    hydrated and stay healthy in crisis ~ whether it's a personal
    emergency, like the illness of a child, a full-blown pandemic
    or just working on the homestead in the hot sun.

  • Shopping thrift shops for prepping books? They are hard to
    come by. It's even hard to find new books on prepping at the
    book stores, but you can shop Amazon and save. Here are
    Ten Prepping books to buy used on Amazon.

  • Meals Ready to Eat (MREs): Are they worth stocking?

  • More food storage prepping articles:

  • How to Survive a Sarin Gas Attack. We can no longer be
    naive about the reality that a Sarin Gas attack could happen
    on U.S. soil. Are you ready? Survive a sarin gas attack!

  • Lavish in lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil can
    kill a staph infection? Yes, Lavender oil is scientifically
    proven to do that and much more.

  • Tapped out? You think you're tapping into clean drinking
    water when you turn on the faucet, but you may be tapping
    into a cocktail of unwanted contaminants, potentially deadly
    toxins and organisms. Before you tap into your tap water,
    tap into this article on the 10 reasons not to drink the tap

  • Look for the silver lining! Prepping secrets about silver.
    Discover secret tips for finding silver hiding in your coin jar.
    No need to be a coin collector to profit from these tips.

  • Survival is sweet! Chocolate is among the best emergency
    foods to stockpile. While there is a limited shelf life there
    are survival uses of chocolate worth considering.

  • Vacuum sealing. Are you vacuum sealing your food what
    about making ice packs? Seed saving? Well, maybe you
    should! Here's our popular article: Prepping with a food saver.

  • Prepper carts. Consider owning a handcart, wheelbarrow or
    wagon to help with the task of hauling your supplies! A hand
    cart is an indispensable tool for off-grid living. Review this
    list of ten carts for preppers.

  • Special needs prepping:

  • Try this and learn some new prepping skills...

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Prepping in the news...

  • October is breast cancer awareness month. The world
    doesn't need "Breast Cancer awareness" ~ you see, they'll
    never find a cure, because they aren't looking for natural
    cures! The truth is you can survive cancer naturally. Use
    essential oils such as frankincense, sandalwood, lemongrass,
    and get a Big Berkey water filter.

  • Not so politically correct on Polio. A CNN reporter mocks
    President Trump for helping Senator Mitch McConnell up the
    stairs ~ she didn't know he had Polio. Here's what a prepper
    needs to know about Polio and preparedness.

  • Hurricane season. Did you know hurricane season is June 1-
    November 30? Here are tips to prepare:
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